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Nigeria: Adamawa Gubernatorial Polls - Abubakar Atiku in Adamawa's ... -

Umar YusufLagos

FORMER Frailty President Atiku Abubakar have been in the Centre phase of Adamawa political relation even before the coronation of the present democratic dispensation nine old age ago.

For example, the 1991 gubernatorial primacies of the dead Sociable Democratic Party, SDP, between him and Dr Bala Takaya really shot the former Frailty President into calcium hydroxide light. Though before then, Atiku Abubakar had shown some excellence deed in the state's politics. His presence loomed big politically. This culminated in his outgrowth in 1998 as the governorship campaigner of the Peoples' Democratic Party, PDP.

The retired Assistant Accountant of customs duty turned businessman, eventually emerged the governor elect of Adamawa state the followers year. But, before he was sworn in, Atiku was picked as the running play first mate to former President Olusegun Obasanjo. The elections were conducted and the couple emerged victorious.

Atiku as Frailty President and Olusegun Obasanjo as President were spouses in advancement for four old age between 1999 and 2003 until their human relationship went sour.

Back place in Adamawa State, former Frailty President Atiku Abubakar dominated the political landscape between 1999 to the future portion of 2003. Atiku Abubakar started smelling political jobs back place in Adamawa minute he ran into job with Obasanjo.

Moment after the rift between Obasanjo and Atiku became pronounced the PDP top hierarchy, in Abuja, decided to putter with Atiku Abubakar's political fortune.

Along the line, the PDP headquarters, in Abuja, constituted a commission to revalidate rank of the political party in Adamawa State. Professor Jubril Aminu, was then appointed as the arrowhead for the exercise. Even before his appointment, the Cardiologist turned politician tested the acrimonious side of Adamawa politics.

Analysts state Atiku Abubakr and his political ally, the then governor, Boni Hanna, were instrumental to the effort to remember Professor Jubril Aminu from the Senate. The effort to remember Aminu failed after series of political manoeuvres that even resulted to tribunal cases. Professor Jubril Aminu weathered the recollection effort then embarked on a retribution missionary post against those he perceived to be behind the attempt.

As expected, Atiku Abubakar, Boni Haruna, member of his Cabinet and a big ball of their protagonists raise an oculus forehead over the exercise.

They felt short-changed for not been re- registered into the new PDP. Jubril Aminu however told them that they were given an ample chance to register, but that they refused to make so. As the argument raged Atiku Abubakar was re-registered into the new PDP in Capital Of Nigeria instead of his place state.

An unfriendly political state of affairs continued to environ the assorted encampments of Atiku/Boni Haruna and Jubril Aminu, Buba Marwa and others in the Adamawa politics.

To an extent that when Muhammad Buba Marwa wanted to formally declare for the PDP, Boni Haruna's disposal denied him the use of authorities venue. The action of the state authorities then attracted world-wide condemnation.

Few calendar months after the Buba Marwa episode, rumors filtered in that Atiku Abubakar and some other Nigerians have got floated a political political party named ACD which later metamorphosed to actinium - Action congress.

Not quite long, Atiku Abubakar announced his issue from the PDP to the Action Congress, Ex-Governor Boni Haruna and his protagonists followed. With their issue from PDP, political analysts were in uncertainty of who will be in control of Adamawa politics. Are it the Atiku/Boni Haruma Camp or the Jubril Aminu/ Buba Marwa and other in the new PDP?.

The conflict line was then drawn between the new PDP, and the AC. Not quite long after that, it was clip for the 2007 full general elections. Serious politicking was undertaken by the two groupings and their stakeholders of which the PDP was declared the victor of the unit of ammunition 1 of the governorship election.

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Even within the PDP and the AC, intra political party bickers took Centre phase over the behavior of primary elections elections that proverb the outgrowth of Admiral Murtala Nyako for PDP and Alhaji Ibrahim Bapetel with landslide victory, but the joyousness of the triumph was short lived. After eight calendar months the request court in November last twelvemonth annulled the election of Murtala Nyako as Governor. Ibrahim Bapetel had dragged PDP, INEC and others to the court for excluding him from the polls just few hours to the election.

The revocation of the election of Adimral Murtala Nyako shortened the jubilation of PDP and its stakeholders that they were in control of the Adamawa State. Their job was later compounded by the Entreaty court sitting in Jos which upheld the earlier judgement of the less tribunal.

With the Appellant Court Judgment which removed Adimral Murtala Nyako from office, a new conflict of who commands Adamawa political relation was put in motion.

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