Friday, August 31, 2007

The AgustaWestland EH-101 Merlin

The EH-101 Merlin is a medium lift, multi-role chopper developed and produced by AgustaWestland International. AgustaWestland is a joint venture formed by Agusta of Italy, shapers of the A-109, and Westland of Great Britain, shapers of the Lynx. The EH-101 is a direct rival to the Igor Sikorsky S-92 and was developed for both military and civil roles.

The multi-mission capablenesses of the chopper required AgustaWestland to four variations, two civil and two military.

The first civil discrepancy is the public utility version. The public utility version can be used for a combination of riders and/or freight. It's able to carry through a figure or functions including law enforcement, offshore oil support, fire fighting, cargo, SAR (search and rescue), air ambulance, and corporate shuttle. Aircraft constellation is based on operator need. For example, an air ambulance constellation will have got room in the cabin for flight paramedics/nurses, Sixteen stretchers, and the needed medical equipment. The hunt and deliverance discrepancy is able to transport 20 subsisters normally up to 55 in a catastrophe type situation. The public utility version of the EH 101 have a rear incline for loading/unloading. The cabin is broad and have flush necktie down points on the floor. In improver it have a roller conveyer for burden cargo on palettes and a windlass for other cargo that cannot be ego laden or loaded via the conveyor. It have an external lading hook capable of lifting 12000 lbs. The EH-101 is capable of carrying and deploying a assortment of gear wheel to include searchlights and and hoists. In improver the side lading door is equipped with a deliverance hoist.

The 2nd civil discrepancy is the Heliliner. As the name implies, the Heliliner is configured to transport people in air hose like fashion. The chopper have a system that minimizes quiver and keeps low acoustic signatures in the cabin and the cockpit for increased rider comfort. The Heliliner can transport up to 30 people in air hose style seating a distance of 460 statute miles at a cruising velocity of 180 mph. The Heliliner characteristics a broad aisle, operating expense luggage bins, a big luggage compartment and a capable and efficient air conditioning system to keep rider comfortableness no substance if the chopper is operating in Arctic or tropical climates.

The first military discrepancy is a navalized version. As expected the navalized version is built to stomach sustained maritime operations. It's used for anti-submarine warfare (ASW), amphibious heli-borne assault and hunt and rescue. The navalized version is able to transport gunmen or depth charges.

The 2nd military discrepancy is the public utility version. It's able to transport 24-seated fully equipped military personnel or 45 standing fully equipped troops. It can also transport assorted equipment, cargoes and stores around the battlefield. Both military versions can be equipped with husk and flame up dispensers, infrared jammers, missile warnings, infrared counter measurements and other survivability features.

The chopper is constructed mostly of an aluminum-lithium alloy. It have a five bladed rotor coil system and is capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -45C to +55C. The cockpit utilizes a John Howard Northrop Grumman glass cockpit instrument system, which includes 6 cathode-ray tube shows and a Smiths Industries four-axis automatic flight control system. The civil version is powered by three General Electric CT7-6 turbo shaft engines rated at 2,000 SHP (shaft horsepower) each. Three Rolls Royce Turbomeca RTM322 engines rated at 2200 SHP each powerfulness the military versions.

A version of the EH-101 was selected by the United States Devil Dog Corps to be the adjacent chopper conveyance for HMX-1. HMX-1 executes presidential, very important person and very important person transport. They currently utilize H-3 Sea Kings and VH-60 White Person Hawk choppers to carry through conveyance missions. The United States 101, as it's been designated, is the first non-Sikorsky chopper to wing in this function since 1957. When all 23 choppers come up on line they'll be redesignated the VH-71A Kestrel.

Both Agusta and Westland have got produced very capable helicopters. Their coaction on the EH-101 have placed the concerted company AgustaWestland on the head of chopper design.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Heavy Lift Helicopters - The MIL MI-26

The former Soviet Union have a history of producing big choppers capable of lifting heavy loads. The enormousness of the state coupled with a big figure of unaccessible countries required a dependable word form of transportation system capable of operating in rough environments. The mil Helicopter Corporation responded and have built some of the most capable heavy lift and lading choppers in the world.

The predecessor to the MI-26, the MI-6 Hook, had its start in 1954 when the Soviet OKB (Experimental Design Bureau) placed a demand for a chopper that was able to transport a warhead of 25,000 lbs a distance of 150 miles. The chopper would be particularly utile for trading operations in Siberia where rough statuses prevented land conveyance vehicles from being effectively used. The military would also be able to utilize the chopper to raise heavy weapon pieces, troops, and other big heavy loads.

When the MI-6 entered production it was powered by two Soloviev D-25V turbo shaft engines rated at 5,550 SHP (shaft horsepower) each. The hook had a immense five bladed rotor coil system that had a diameter of almost 115 ft. The crew consisted of five people. Two pilots, a navigator, a flight engineer, and a radiocommunication operator. The chopper had two doors on either side of the flight deck that could be jettisoned in an exigency and the windows on the pilots' sides were bulged so they could see the rear of the helicopter. The MI-6 also carried an APU (auxiliary powerfulness unit), a little turbine engine used to supply powerfulness to the ship when the chief engines were not in operation. The MI-6 was able to run twenty-four hours or nighttime in all weather. The MI-6 was also used as a civilian airliner, a fire combat aircraft, and recovered Soyuz space capsules. It had a scope of 370 statute miles and a max velocity of 190 mph.

Out of the success with the MI-6 came the MI-26 Halo. The MI-26 had its maiden flight in 1977 and went into full-scale production in 1981. When looking at the two aircraft you can see the influence that the MI-6 had on the designing of the MI-26. Though lone slightly heavier than the MI-6, the Aura can raise 44,000 pounds. It's powered by two Lotarev D-136 turbo shaft engines rated at 11,550 SHP each. The MI-26 is the lone chopper to utilize an eight bladed rotor coil system. The rotor coils are made from fibreglass and have got got Ti tips and have a diameter of 105 ft. To assist in care the aircraft characteristics built in handholds and footholds, which help when operating in severe conditions. The MI-26, like the MI-6, have an APU to supply powerfulness when the chief engines are not operating. For comparing the loading and lift capablenesses of the MI-26 are on par with that of the U.S. built C-130 Heracles conveyance plane.

The aircraft is loaded from the rear thorough clamshell doors and a fold up down loading ramp. The Aura have a upper limit velocity of 180 statute miles per hour and an operational scope of 320 nautical miles without using subsidiary combustible tanks.

The MI-26 is presently used in a figure of different functions including medevac, flying crane/construction, combustible tanker, and aerial fire fighting. The MI-26 have a crew of five. Two pilots, a navigator, a flight engineer, and a loadmaster.

The MI-26 goes on the tradition of mil Helicopter of edifice some of the biggest and most powerful choppers on earth.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Highest Rated Personal Injury Lawyers - Your Reliable Friend

At the clip when you are all alone you desperately necessitate a comrade who may throw your manus and convey back the lost smiling of your face. Everyone confronts difficult clip and injuries, it is quite possible that these hurts are womb-to-tomb and have got a very deep impact on your head and body. Though clip can never be turned back but your head can be free from carrying the load of unfairness if you are ready to struggle for your right. Claiming for your personal hurts is as of import as getting recovered and only highest rated personal hurt lawyers tin assist you in winning your case.

Obviously, when you are passing through unsmooth spots of life it looks really difficult to believe about lawyers and tribunal but a small consciousness can curtail the extroverted jobs that can shatter your mental peace. Filing a lawsuit against the cause of hurt is actually your fighting for justness and without an efficient lawyer it is not possible to acquire justice. So first of all you necessitate to seek for a peak rated personal hurt lawyer who paves your manner to justice.

A lawyer with good will among people and former clients who have got an first-class argumentative head is your requirement. Now the greatest inquiry is that how to happen out a perfect animal trainer for your case? It is very simple; you can either travel for directory listing of peak rated personal hurt lawyers or can acquire aid from yellowish pages but the best manner to acquire the exact reply is to seek on internet. You can easily happen a listing of peak rated personal hurt lawyers on cyberspace as there are many land sites those lawyers who offer such as services.

Once you happen that peak rated personal hurt lawyer who have specialisation in handling the lawsuits like you, you can register a lawsuit against the guilty party. This new comrade will definitely walk by your side at every measure of the case. He will manage every undertaking right from filing the lawsuit to making concluding statements during the whole procedure. You can be remainder assured that every measure of your lawsuit will carry smoothly as a peak rated personal hurt lawyer is taking attention of it. The greatest issue that tin pester you during the lawsuit and that is the fees of lawyer. It is always advisable to discourse the complaints before hiring a peak rated personal hurt lawyer. Though they are very crystalline with their cost scheme but do certain that the cost is within your budget or not. It gives you great alleviation when you happen a peak rated personal hurt lawyer with first-class path record in similar lawsuits like you and crystalline and low-cost cost criteria.

On the whole it is a good idea to engage a peak rated personal hurt lawyer but a through marketplace survey is necessary. Apart from other issues, a personal hurt lawyer can be the best comrade of your difficult modern times and can do you experience relaxed from discontentment of being hashed.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

What Should You Do After A Road Traffic Accident?

If you have got been injured in a auto accident and it wasn't your fault, then you could be entitled to do a compensation claim.

Remember to take down the other driver's inside information including:

  • registration number;
  • name, computer address and telephone set number;
  • insurance details;
If there are any witnesses, compose down their contact details. If possible return a photograph of the accident scene, but make not acknowledge liability, even if you believe it may have got been your fault. Also, study the accident to the police.

Proving fault in auto accidents

If you are involved in a auto accident, then you may necessitate to turn out the accident was the other driver's fault unless they have got admitted liability. You will necessitate some sort of grounds to demo that the other driver was negligent and that his/her carelessness caused the accident.

  • Police study If the police force were called to the scene of your auto accident then they are likely to have got filed a report. This study will often incorporate a exposure of the scene of the accident. In a clear case, there will often be a complaint of 'driving without owed attending and attention' and a strong belief can be relied on as evidence.
  • The Highway Code Type A breach of the Highway Code can be relied on as good grounds of negligence.
Examples of auto accidents where the other driver is usually establish negligent

There are a few states of affairs in which the other driver will usually be establish at fault in most cases, these include the following:

  • Rear-end accidents - This is where one auto collides with the rear of the other auto and is the cause of many whiplash injury injuries. The Highway Code counsels drivers to go forth adequate room to be able to stop.
  • Other states of affairs - include driving on the incorrect side of the route and colliding with a letter paper vehicle.
How much compensation can I anticipate for my injuries?

To acquire an estimation of what is commonly awarded for similar injuries, you can utilize an online compensation guide.

You can claim "General Damages" for your injuries, the 'pain and suffering' you have got sustained as a consequence of the accident and for the 'loss of enjoyment of life' by, for example, not being able to prosecute your hobbies.

You may also be able be entitled to claim "Special Damages" for lost earnings, possible loss of future net income and for any disbursals which are necessary to help your recovery such as as prescription costs, nursing attention and rehabilitation costs. Please remember, each lawsuit is different, and accurate advice must be tailored to the individual case.

Once you have got started your claim, your canvasser will be able to give you a more than realistic estimation of how much compensation you are likely to receive.

Do you necessitate an experienced accident compensation solicitor?

The coverage company of the individual at fault may reach you and offering to settle down your case, usually for far less than the amount an experienced accident compensation canvasser could retrieve for you. Remember, coverage companies have got got canvassers working difficult on their side and so should you. Bash Not under settle down your claim; talk to an independent canvasser who will assist you to claim every penny you deserve.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Helicopter Pilot Careers in Law Enforcement

In recent old age there have been an addition in the usage of choppers by law enforcement. Helicopters supply a clear advantage to law enforcement. They offer speed, a bird's oculus perspective, and the usage of specialised detectors such as as infrared that enable them to "see" in the dark. A calling flying law enforcement choppers is definitely within your range and can offer exhilaration as well as fiscal wages and occupation security.

Most, but not all law enforcement federal agencies necessitate that you be a law enforcement military officer before you go a pilot. This agency attending the police force academy and disbursement clip in a patrol auto or walking a beat. This volition expose you to the states of affairs that police force military officers on the land brush day-to-day and you'll be better able to find the best manner to help with an air unit. Some police force air power units, like the Old Line State State Police Aviation Unit, are comprised of civilians. Others engage federal agencies to supply the choppers and the pilots.

The range and depth of law enforcement trading operations changes with the department. In general, bigger sections have got more than capablenesses than littler departments. Some sections wing under VMC (visual meteoric conditions) only which intends they necessitate to be able to see the apparent horizon to keep the proper orientation of the aircraft while others run in IMC (instrument meteoric conditions) which is flight solely referenced to the flight instruments. Some sections have got got forward looking infra redness while others only have a topographic point visible light and others wing using nighttime vision goggles.

Law enforcement flying for the most portion is done stopping point to the ground. Law enforcement choppers are usually trying to happen people and vehicles that are hidden or are trying to hedge and/or escape. Because of this airplane airplane pilots who wing law enforcement choppers must stay vigilant for obstructors such as as towers and wires.

Pay for law enforcement pilots covers a broad range. As you might anticipate bigger organisations have more than wage than littler organizations. Wage can run from $40,000 per twelvemonth to $100,000 per year. The benefits received are what any police force military officer would be entitled to such as as a pension, wellness and dental care.

Law enforcement flying tin be very exciting and rewarding. Each police force section have its ain guidelines on how it enrolls and railroad trains its pilots. If you're interested in flying for a certain section contact them and inquire about their requirements. You also may desire to talk to one of their pilots. They're usually very willing to share information.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Keys to Dismantling an Expert Witness

Television and movies have colored the opinions of millions of people regarding the inner workings of a trial and the techniques routinely used by lawyers. In truth, a director of a television show has a limited amount of time to hold an audience captive and keep viewers tuned in. Although many attorneys would do well to abridge their own, often long-winded presentations, it's just not possible to perform meaningfully in a few short minutes.

Usually, a lawyer in a movie comes out breathing hellfire from the opening salvo of a cross-examination to the moment he sits down four minutes later. This just isn't practical in the real world.

The most successful cross-examinations begin innocuously enough. Time and pace must be cultivated to permit the damaging information to mount so the effect is far more compelling. Instead of trying to take out the witness immediately, the witness must be carefully set up to take the fall when the time is right.

To accomplish this, the lawyer must first build a formidable foundation, which is created by anticipating what the witness will say and by cutting off the witness' wiggle room when questions become more probing and precise. After securing agreement with seemingly non-controversial facts, the witness can be locked into a position, which will later be attacked. The cross-examiner can then use the witness' own words and admissions when he or she moves in for the kill.

Here's an example, defense experts routinely testify that a plaintiff's herniated disks were not sustained as a result of the accident but instead by a degenerative pre-existing condition. Assume, when reviewing the expert's disclosure you learn that the witness failed to review a particular medical record or film. In truth, the record doesn't even need to be that critical to the case. With a careful foundation in place, where the witness admitted repeatedly that when treating a patient all records and films must be reviewed to allow the practitioner a full understanding of a patient's medical condition. It can prove particularly deadly; when it is uncovered that such an oversight occurred prior to the expert formulating an opinion on the case on trial. The bigger the buildup, the more dramatic the fall and it is surely something the jury will not forget during deliberations.

Often the point, which may take thirty minutes to create, a suitable foundation for, could have been handled during the opening question of a cross examination. "Isn't it a fact doctor that you never reviewed the records of Dr. Smith?" However, by the time the cross examiner sits down, the effect of that solitary question will be just another drop of forgotten testimony in a sea of lost inquiry.

My advices to attorneys, take your time, set up your opposing experts and take them down hard. My advice to clients: Be patient with your attorney. Television directors are not lawyers for a reason.