Sunday, May 11, 2008

FLDS member protests Texas raid in letter to President Bush - Salt Lake Tribune

Posted: 12:38 PM- salt lake city - A member of an embattled polygamous Christian church likened a foray by Lone-Star State government to an enactment of terrorism in a missive to President Bush
Willie Jessop said he delivered the 10-page missive on Saturday to staff members outside Bush's Lone-Star State ranch, where girl Jenna Shrub got married. Jessop said he had a liqueur conversation with presidential staff members who promised to acquire back to him. The missive protestations an "invasion" by Lone-Star State government and a "mock" detention hearing for 464 children and immature grownups taken from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Of Nazareth Jesus of Latter Day Saints. Last month, Lone-Star State government raided the group's El Dorado retreat over allegations of sexual maltreatment in the polygamous community. Jessop's missive includes an invitation for the president, first lady Laura Shrub and members of the president's staff to see the Longing For Sion ranch. Jessop have also asked Lone-Star State Gov. Crick Ralph Barton Perry and Beehive State Gov. Jon Hunter Jr. for help. The FLDS is based in Beehive State and Arizona.Advertisement

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