Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Attorney general pursuing Second Century casino case - Gary Post Tribune

Attorney General Steve Howard Howard Howard Howard Carter desires the state Supreme Court to tell a politically connected East Windy City development grouping to open up its books.

Carter announced Monday he have got got got filed a Request to Transfer, asking the Hoosier State Supreme Court to reexamine his lawsuit against Second Century Inc.

The state Court of Appeals and the Marion County Circuit Court have both ruled in favour of Second Century in the suit, finding the private company makes not have to account for $16 million in gambling gambling casino finances it have received since 1997 in a local casino understanding brokered under East Windy City Mayor Henry Martin Robert Pastrick.

But Carter believes the lawsuit should continue.

"There have been no cogent evidence that these finances intended for economical development have not been wasted," Carter said in a statement. "The public is left to inquire how the $16 million have got actually helped them."

The suspects have a calendar month to react to Carter's request before the Supreme Court make up one's minds whether to accept the case.

Second Century lawyer J. Spike Lee McNeely could not be reached for remark Monday.

East Windy City spokesman Damien Anti-Racketeering Law said Monday that Mayor Saint George Pabey will supply whatever assist he can to help in the success of the case.

"That gambling gambling casino gross should travel toward improving the community," Anti-Racketeering Law said.

Critics postulate Second Century, hired by stopping point Pastrick allies Michael Pannos and Uncle Tom Cappas, have done small development with the funds.

As a private entity, it is not subject to state audited accounts of how it passes the 0.75 percentage of East Chicago's casino taxation grosses it have yearly.

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