Thursday, February 28, 2008

Accident Claims Against An Uninsured Or Untraceable Driver

Being involved in a auto accident is an unfortunate event but what haps when the other driver turns out to have got no coverage or even rushes off from the accident scene? Both of these cases are worrying, and even more than so, if you or person else in your vehicle was injured and the uninsured driver was at fault for the accident.

How can you do an accident claim if the other driver is not insured or thrusts off from the scene? Fortunately, in the United Kingdom there is an organisation that tin aid in these distressing circumstances.

The Motor Insurers Agency (MIB) was established in 1946 to "compensate the victims of negligent uninsured and untraced automobilists ". The MIB is funded by all Motor Insurers in the UK. So all legitimate drivers that wage coverage actually monetary fund the MIB through their coverage premium payments.

So How Bashes it Work?

First, you necessitate to reach your ain coverage company and allow them cognize the fortune of the accident.

Next set-up A meeting with your local personal hurt lawyer / canvasser to do an agreement for legal disbursals insurance to assist protect you against legal costs.

Claims can be submitted directly to MIB by the claimant themselves or by a personal hurt lawyer / canvasser or by an appointive representative.

You still necessitate to bring forth grounds that the other uninsured driver was at fault. So start collection all certification and grounds to turn out that the uninsured driver was at fault for the accident. Police reports, witnesser statements, images of the accident scene (mobile telephone photographic cameras are convenient for this), Doctors reports, if the vehicle was damaged them acquire it checked and acquire estimations of costs involved for repair, if you have got got been absent from work through an hurt - loss of net income etc...

Please be aware that the MIB is however restricted in compensation payments and have a capped upper limit.

If you were injured by a driver who doesn't halt then you must describe to the Police within 14 years of the accident or if you have been badly injured then as soon as reasonably possible. Then happen out if the other driver is in fact insured. You can follow the vehicle through the DVLA. If you cannot follow the driver then still reach your ain insurance companies and allow them cognize the circumstances. You have got up to 3 old age to do a personal hurt claim against an untraceable driver / vehicle.

In any case we propose contacting an Injury Lawyers if you are looking to do an accident compensation claim followers either an accident with an uninsured driver or a vehicle that sped off from the scene (hit and run).

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