Monday, November 26, 2007

Bush launches bid to revive Mideast talks

US president Saint George Tungsten Shrub was on Monday to establish the greatest pushing for Middle
East peace of his two footing in business office before a major conference which have raised
hopes and recriminations in the Arab
world. Bush, who have said he is
“personally committed” to resolving the decades-old In-Between East
conflict, was to ran into separately during the twenty-four hours with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and
Palestinian president Mahmud
Abbas. The White Person House talks
come on the Eve of a major peace conference to be held in Annapolis, Maryland
gathering more than 50 arrangements and countries, including some 16 Arab
nations. In a major coup d'etat for US
diplomacy, both Syrian Arab Republic and Saudi Arabian Arabian Arabian Peninsula are attending the talks, which will mark
the first clip that Saudi functionaries have got sat with Israelis to speak about peace
in the Center East. A
Palestinian negotiant said a written document scene out the contour lines of the future
negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians would be made public future on
Monday after hebdomads of behind-the-scenes
haggling. “A document
will be made public today (Monday),” Palestinian negotiant Yasser Abed
Rabbo said, on the Eve of Tuesday’s conference. “This document,
which we are owed to reason today with the approval of the Americans will
determine the footing of mention for dialogues - such as as the roadmap and
international declarations - and the modes for dialogues after
Annapolis,” he
said. Major differences remain
between the Israelis and Palestinians over core issues like the position of
Jerusalem, which both sides claim as their capital, the boundary lines of a future
Palestinian state and the fate of Palestinian refugees. But the conference is
already drawing
criticism. Persian president
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad chided Saudi Arabian Arabian Peninsula for taking portion in the peace meeting,
after Arabian engagement in the event left Teheran isolated, Persian media
reported on Monday. Ahmadinejad bluntly told Saudi
king Abdullah over a telephonic conversation that he wished the land was not
attending the conference.

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